HvA – Design Research


Project – Project Design Research
Time Span –
1 Semester
School project
Team members:
J. van Gasteren, P. de Weert


During this project we had to do research on an aspect of game design that interests us. To prove our research we had to develop 3 different prototypes(games) and gather data with them.

In modern games the player has the freedom to choose what to focus on with the camera. But they might miss hints or directions essential to the game.
The most commonly used solutions involve taking control away from the player, which makes the player lose immersion.
This is why we want to research if there are more player guidance methods available than the ones commonly used. This led us to our research question: “Can players be guided through the use of weenies and Player Types”.
Weenies are tall buildings to attract and guide the player. The Player types are: Killer, Achiever, Explorer & Socializer

Presentation poster: FinalPoster 1.3