Misc. Games

Over the years there have been games that I never got around to finishing. Or other small projects I just played around with. The projects that are somewhat interesting to look at are listed below.

Happy People:

I wanted to make a game around the emotion happyness. And after a lot of brainstorming I decided to make a game where you had to put a group of people in the correct order like those story puzzles you may have played as a child.

This is quite an old project so there are a lot of things here that I would have done differently. First of all I’m not using a Library here because back then I really wanted to improve my programming and I thought working without a library would be for the best. Secondly I have a lot of Switch statements and if statements where a switch wasn’t usefull but there are still a lot of values like the mouse location that could have been saved in a variable so it would have been easier to reuse and change.
And the last point is the fact that I should have used an Array to keep track of the 5 objects you swap around. Which would have made the location easier too because you can just use the position in the array to define what the location in the Game world should be.

Play Happy People here: